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job!!!! It's been, what, 7 months?!

Now that I've survived the week (two interviews) and written up the promotional texts I wanted for the Majikkon I'm volunteering on, I finally fell like I have the time to annouce that I, Colle, have landed a job. I start next Wednesday~

Granted, it's officially agency work, but I get to organise a university staff festival which is perfect for me, because I studied event management and the university said I'm entitled to the same staff development as permanent staff! I felt really appreciated in the interview, they'd like more help with their social media and this is where a life-time of blogging finally comes to fruition. If I do a good job (and I will), there will be a chance to go work for the conference department after this project is done in summer.

Now I have confused a few of my friends with the amount of interviews I've had lately. Why did I attend the interview two days ago when I already accepted a job the day before? a) options are good b) the interview two days ago was for a marketing graduate scheme. Ideally, if I get selected, I can work at the university over the summer and then jump over to the graduate scheme for two years. Which was probably why I was so nervous the beginning of this week, I would basically know what I was doing for two years and I'd love to have that stability. I'll find out how everything went next week, though I was probably so focussed on giving a good presentation (I did well, imo!) that looking back my interview answers could have been better. What's my greatest achievement? What motivates me? I don't think I could ever give a straight answer to any of those questions no matter how much preparation I have (and then there would be the issue of making it sound good to others).

AND if all things so splendidly, I can fit in a holiday to Korea with Usa-kun between the uni and grad scheme. It'd be PERFECT. *hopes*

Anyway~ If they don't like who I am then I guess I don't want to be there anyway. ( <- I now have the freedom to say that because I know I have a job next week). Yeah, that's what I wanted to announce. Time to enjoy a long weekend and continue work on the volunteer armbands I'm making for the Majikkon.

THEN I can return to my Daryun cosplay. FINALLY. (true motivation)


live choices.

There's this job opportunity to teach in Japan with IES that I was excited about yesterday and a few months ago I would have jumped at it no questions asked, but after sleeping over it

a) I'd only want to go for a year, and then what? My whole job search will start all over again, I'll be one year older and so far the overseas experiences I had already did make my CV stand out, but all the interview asks about is "are you qualified for the job?". Who gives a flying fuck if you know how to make Okonomiyaki badly?

b) I have taught English before (in China) and it's a real lottery what kind of school you end up in. Some make sure you get a plumber when you need one, others let you freeze to death in the winter. Looking through what other people have said with their experiences with the IES, the hit and miss thing is still prevalent.

c) What do I really want to get out of this that a good, actual holiday that I finance with a "proper job" wouldn't also cover? Sure a holiday is much shorter, but you would have time for yourself to do the things that made you want to go to Japan in the first place. When I went to China, I had just finished school and I wanted to do something different before I went to university. I had the certainty that I'd have something to do when I came back, I had worked with children before, being an assistant P.E. instructor and I was genuinely excited that speaking English actually get me paid. But now I'm at that stage in my life where I just want to finance things I need, want and love by myself and using children's education to do that is just wrong.

d) The job I have at the moment isn't the most exciting or rewarding, but it's steady. It finances my cosplays, council tax, groceries etc... I'm not sure I want to give that up for something that looks too good to be true. Not to mention I have a job interview in about two weeks, which might also be a game-changer.

Everyone I've mentioned it to tells me to "go for it" and "follow my dreams", but my dreams have never been to actually live Japan and teach children. My dreams have always consisted of: earning enough money to be able to buy things I like and one of the things I happen to like is anime merch. So... I know, I guess I've already decided not to apply for it, after all, but I don't know... any opinions?

Life update July 2014

finished uni with a first!! 8D
I am now an event manager BA.

And I honestly don't know what to do with my life next. My graduation ceremony is later this month and I just don't know... At least I've baought a dress.

I did send an application to the Pokemon Company, after all, the worst they can do is say "NO!", at least I've tried. ^^x* Many thihngs are going to change this year, I don't know where I'm going to be this Christmas. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I'm still an anime nerd as ever, currently watching Haikyuu!!. As much as I hated volleyball at school, the anime makes the sport seem just about bearable.

So yeah, take care!


2013!! life update

Long story short: still in Germany, did work placement in a town named Krefeld, working on sponsoring events and stuff. Took me ages to get there (2 1/2 hours), but it was only 3 times a week, so I could live with that.
Now, I am continuing my so called "sandwich year" at the event management team of my old university until June, so yeah~ It's much closer (only 1 hour XD), but I don't get paid this time. Oh well, but I get to do relevant event-y things, so I can live with that, too.

That was the speedy careers-update, other things going on in my life involve an obsession with the Taiga Drama 'Fuurin Kazan' (famous for starring Gackt), the never ending Pokemon quest (A NEW EDITION THIS YEAR, I swear they will make it up to 1000 one day) and the I should really start working on my cosplay for the book fair feelings are back again. And I wonder why I have problems finding topics to talk to people about. Ha. I'll be 24 this month, I get the feeling I'm never going to grow out of this. o_Ox

My mother just missed the huge amount of snow we have right now, she was in Germany for Christmas and has returned to the Kongo to continue her project for the children there. I might see her again in August, but I'll probably be in England again by then.
My father was sent to Japan to install an MRI scanner magnet, he was not at all happy about going, as he hates flying for so long, but I can't wait to hear what he has to moan about say when he comes back. XD I told him he didn't have to bring anything.... but if he does happen to come across a "Thermae Romae" DVD, I wouldn't mind it coming my way. Seeing as HMV in England are going bust, I don't think I'll ever have the chance to find it there in the foreign films section for £3. Though selling DVDs for £3 is probabaly what made them go out of business in the first place. ^^x* I could have asked for something by Acid Black Cherry, but I was afraid he might get confused with all the different versions and I wanted to make it as simple as possible (he was so grumpy before he left. I don't know whether to feel more sorry for him or the people working with him...)

So yeah, that's it for now, have a lovely 2013 and I have to feed my rabbits and myself now.
LJ: Did you make it your new years resolution to use me more often again?
....We'll see. Argh.

By the way, is it possible that you can now only go back 20 entries on your friends page?
(OMKAMI, what are you doing, LJ? I'm glad you didn't do this sooner, think of all the things I would have been doing with my life instead D=)
Hello. I've decided to dust off LJ again and make an entry! Yay. Where do I start?

Since January, I cannot deny it, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've developed a slight obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch. Argh. It annoys me, because it's led me to listen to the BBC radio show 'Cabin Pressure' and watch the National Theatre's production of 'Frankenstein', two most marvelous things I probably would have never considered of I weren't a horrible fangirl. They are so good in their own right and I only came for Benedict. This will gnaw at me forever because people will know why I first looked into them and I'll never be taken seriously when I recommend them to people.
On this note, though.... this is one of my favourite Cabin Pressure episodes and should you have the opportunity to go and see 'Frankenstein' in you're local cinema: carpe diem and go see it because it turns out they will NEVER make a DVD out of it, due to artistic legal reasons and to break my heart to stop me from making stupid music videos. It. Is. Beautiful.

In fact, it led me to read the novel by Mary Shelley and I was astounded why I never knew that the story was so good, compelling, sad and surprisingly deep, absolutely nothing like the old Hollywood horror films! Why did I allow them to deceive me for so long?!
At the moment I'm reading Jules Vernes' 'Around the World in 80 days', which I also find surprisingly funny. Again, why didn't anyone ever tell me this? I feel like I should read 'The Time Machine', too, since I've see two film versions and I'm curious to know which adaptation follows the original story more closely.

So if anyone has any classics they'd like to recommend, please tell me?

As for Cabin Pressure, I'm afraid to say that I felt the need to sew a summer dressed based on a pilot's uniform. I'm calling it "aviation Lolita", but don't tell anyone. Yes, my obsession for a radio show has made me make a dress. What am I doing?



I got sent home today WTF?!

Gosh, LJ, it has been a while and I see you've had a make over.
Just wanted to put these last few days into writing.

You see, I had my wisdom teeth removed about a month ago. Everything was healing brilliantly, when all of a sudden on Saturday evening I rammed my toothbrush into the back of my gum, because I had miscalculated the size of my newly wisdomtoothless mouth (yes I do feel that my mouth has somehow become smaller o_Ox).
I hurt so much ARGH.
Saturday: I wake up and realise my cheek was slightly swollen, no big deal, I'll just cool it a bit with rice that I kept in the freezer.
Monday: Argh... It hasn't got much better, just keep on cooling, I can't expect it to be over that quickly, can I? *goes to uni* *comes back home* £%^@$/^%$\£@~ Why won't the pain stop!?!??!
Today: *wakes up* I have a fucking tennis ball on my face. I couldn't chew, so I rushed to the university doctor who gave me antibiotics for the apparent abcess. I also learned that in the UK, you can't just go to a dentist. NO! You have to call some sort of number and they refer you to the nearest dentistry that is accepting new patients right now. None of which are currently in Huddersfield, so I think I'll pass on that and stick with the antibiotics for now. He only said I needed the dentist if it didn't get better with them, let's hope they work.

Now I'm no longer in any pain and the doctor said it looks worse than it actually is, but my coursemates freaked out so much over my swollen cheek that I was asked to go home.

Seriously? Where's the difference between sitting in a lecture theatre listening to the lecturers and sitting at home doing whatever? It's not going to heal my cheek any faster AND I'VE MISSED LECTURES NOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I'm not in any pain and I'm perfectly capable of paying attention.

I'm going back to uni tomorrow, they can't keep me away when I feel like I am perfectly able to come.


Janne pops up in mysterious places...

When I get bored, I type fandoms into uni reseach engines.

Typing Janne Da Arc into Google Scholar

Is the guy who patented this... a Janne Da Arc fan?!Collapse )
This amuses me more than it should XD~


Where is Super Mario when you need him?

I don't know exactly how it happened, but a pipe seemingly got loose and now I have a wet carpet in my boiler closet. I've mopped it up now, calmly.
My first reaction when I saw what was happening was
Rational thought: Your father showed you where to turn the water off
Panic taking over: RUN TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS!!!!!!!!

So I ran to my neighbours and they were so friendly \;_;x/ When we got back upstairs the water had stopped flowing, so now I just had a very wet and warm carpet. I started mopping up straight away and lovely neighbour lady gave me an emergency number to call, but they said they could only send out plumber if it hadn't stopped by itself.
So.... I'm relying on duct tape and an empty instant coffee glass supporting the pipe to hold out until I get instructions from my father or one of the builders tomorrow morning (there are still new houses being built in the area.) I hope they work on Saturdays, too. I can't remember...

Incidently... is my entry set to Rich Text, or did LJ get a makeover? o_Ox
*tries out Tumblr style mood GIF*

OK, LJ just got a makeover ^^x*



24 weeks

and already I can see where this is going.

Alright, I admit, it wasn't very social of me to leave drunk A. and dump her on another girl while she was on the toilet earlier this year when we had our "yay, first year over!" party. But these people just didn't want to understand that I just didn't want to go clubbing or bar hopping or pick up A. from the street again.
I had let it be known several times, they literally pulled me through town, it was late and I really wanted to get home because I have to walk a long, frankly scary road to get there and I didn't want to get caught in the "drunks crawling back home" flow.

A. isn't even in this year now, but I could here somebody mention this incident behind my back. I just can't believe how often we talk about respecting other people's opinions and then it's never considered that I don't like going out. I just don't do bars.
What I did was wrong, but at the time I honestly couldn't come up with a more elegant way of escaping. I couldn't apologise in person, so I had to do it via Facebook and I did.

I'll just live with the fact that I'm unpopular. Again.
I just happen to like actively taking part in class and putting my hand up. In fact I think I might just make it a point of doing well because in no way do I want to give them anything to slag about concerning my academic performance. It's the only thing I seemingly have going for me.

Yet I'm discouraged by lecturers talking about medieval festivals and Star Trek conventions, with a smile on their face indicating that they think the thought of dressing up is HILARIOUS, how people can even do it when it's not connected with a club party and the class giggles along.
Thanks. I happen to be interested in both of those subjects. And I'm still thinking of making that dress-uniform Troy had on in the first TNG episode. Too bad they didn't keep it throughout, it's really cute.

And then you ask me to get creative.
And then you ask me what my hobbies are.
As if I'm going to tell you now.

I'm in such a bad mood right now. I'm just going to sit down and do some homework.
That'll show 'em.


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