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Hello. I've decided to dust off LJ again and make an entry! Yay. Where do I start?

Since January, I cannot deny it, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I've developed a slight obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch. Argh. It annoys me, because it's led me to listen to the BBC radio show 'Cabin Pressure' and watch the National Theatre's production of 'Frankenstein', two most marvelous things I probably would have never considered of I weren't a horrible fangirl. They are so good in their own right and I only came for Benedict. This will gnaw at me forever because people will know why I first looked into them and I'll never be taken seriously when I recommend them to people.
On this note, though.... this is one of my favourite Cabin Pressure episodes and should you have the opportunity to go and see 'Frankenstein' in you're local cinema: carpe diem and go see it because it turns out they will NEVER make a DVD out of it, due to artistic legal reasons and to break my heart to stop me from making stupid music videos. It. Is. Beautiful.

In fact, it led me to read the novel by Mary Shelley and I was astounded why I never knew that the story was so good, compelling, sad and surprisingly deep, absolutely nothing like the old Hollywood horror films! Why did I allow them to deceive me for so long?!
At the moment I'm reading Jules Vernes' 'Around the World in 80 days', which I also find surprisingly funny. Again, why didn't anyone ever tell me this? I feel like I should read 'The Time Machine', too, since I've see two film versions and I'm curious to know which adaptation follows the original story more closely.

So if anyone has any classics they'd like to recommend, please tell me?

As for Cabin Pressure, I'm afraid to say that I felt the need to sew a summer dressed based on a pilot's uniform. I'm calling it "aviation Lolita", but don't tell anyone. Yes, my obsession for a radio show has made me make a dress. What am I doing?




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Jul. 26th, 2012 01:49 am (UTC)
I remember liking Crime and Punishment and The Count of Monte Cristo in high school. I was also one of those wierdos that liked Lord of the Flies, though, so. XD Grain of salt.

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