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2013!! life update

Long story short: still in Germany, did work placement in a town named Krefeld, working on sponsoring events and stuff. Took me ages to get there (2 1/2 hours), but it was only 3 times a week, so I could live with that.
Now, I am continuing my so called "sandwich year" at the event management team of my old university until June, so yeah~ It's much closer (only 1 hour XD), but I don't get paid this time. Oh well, but I get to do relevant event-y things, so I can live with that, too.

That was the speedy careers-update, other things going on in my life involve an obsession with the Taiga Drama 'Fuurin Kazan' (famous for starring Gackt), the never ending Pokemon quest (A NEW EDITION THIS YEAR, I swear they will make it up to 1000 one day) and the I should really start working on my cosplay for the book fair feelings are back again. And I wonder why I have problems finding topics to talk to people about. Ha. I'll be 24 this month, I get the feeling I'm never going to grow out of this. o_Ox

My mother just missed the huge amount of snow we have right now, she was in Germany for Christmas and has returned to the Kongo to continue her project for the children there. I might see her again in August, but I'll probably be in England again by then.
My father was sent to Japan to install an MRI scanner magnet, he was not at all happy about going, as he hates flying for so long, but I can't wait to hear what he has to moan about say when he comes back. XD I told him he didn't have to bring anything.... but if he does happen to come across a "Thermae Romae" DVD, I wouldn't mind it coming my way. Seeing as HMV in England are going bust, I don't think I'll ever have the chance to find it there in the foreign films section for £3. Though selling DVDs for £3 is probabaly what made them go out of business in the first place. ^^x* I could have asked for something by Acid Black Cherry, but I was afraid he might get confused with all the different versions and I wanted to make it as simple as possible (he was so grumpy before he left. I don't know whether to feel more sorry for him or the people working with him...)

So yeah, that's it for now, have a lovely 2013 and I have to feed my rabbits and myself now.
LJ: Did you make it your new years resolution to use me more often again?
....We'll see. Argh.



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Jan. 22nd, 2013 08:20 am (UTC)
wenn auch verspaetet, wuensche ich dir noch ein frohes neues jahr!!!
du bist also noch bis juni in dtl und dann wieder in england?
und ja, das fuurin kazan drama ist einfach toll, ich sollte endlich mal noch den rest anschauen! hast du auch das drama mit gackt gesehen, das auf okinawa spielt? das ist meiner meinung nach sogar noch besser.
Jan. 26th, 2013 07:21 pm (UTC)
Ich bin mit Fuurin Kazan sogar fasst durch, wie heisst das Okinawa ding? XD~~ NEUER STOFF ZUM GUCKEN~
Ja, bis Juli bin ich hier. Dann geht's mit Power in den Enndspurt fuer einen Bachelor!!
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