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job!!!! It's been, what, 7 months?!

Now that I've survived the week (two interviews) and written up the promotional texts I wanted for the Majikkon I'm volunteering on, I finally fell like I have the time to annouce that I, Colle, have landed a job. I start next Wednesday~

Granted, it's officially agency work, but I get to organise a university staff festival which is perfect for me, because I studied event management and the university said I'm entitled to the same staff development as permanent staff! I felt really appreciated in the interview, they'd like more help with their social media and this is where a life-time of blogging finally comes to fruition. If I do a good job (and I will), there will be a chance to go work for the conference department after this project is done in summer.

Now I have confused a few of my friends with the amount of interviews I've had lately. Why did I attend the interview two days ago when I already accepted a job the day before? a) options are good b) the interview two days ago was for a marketing graduate scheme. Ideally, if I get selected, I can work at the university over the summer and then jump over to the graduate scheme for two years. Which was probably why I was so nervous the beginning of this week, I would basically know what I was doing for two years and I'd love to have that stability. I'll find out how everything went next week, though I was probably so focussed on giving a good presentation (I did well, imo!) that looking back my interview answers could have been better. What's my greatest achievement? What motivates me? I don't think I could ever give a straight answer to any of those questions no matter how much preparation I have (and then there would be the issue of making it sound good to others).

AND if all things so splendidly, I can fit in a holiday to Korea with Usa-kun between the uni and grad scheme. It'd be PERFECT. *hopes*

Anyway~ If they don't like who I am then I guess I don't want to be there anyway. ( <- I now have the freedom to say that because I know I have a job next week). Yeah, that's what I wanted to announce. Time to enjoy a long weekend and continue work on the volunteer armbands I'm making for the Majikkon.

THEN I can return to my Daryun cosplay. FINALLY. (true motivation)