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Apparently I am the anxiety cat of group work. XD
Completer finisher AND resource investigator according to Belbin's character types? Yikes.
On paper I look like an emotionless bag of panic, an odd oxymoron.

I don't know, putting on an event for the first time is quite daunting, hopefully this feeling nervous will die down once I'm in a group and realise that everybody is just as nervous as I am. I guess what I'm most anxious about is the group work itself.
They are going to alloate us into groups according to the character questionnaires and our CVs.

Ha, writing it all down, Korea, Japan and China seem like a dream. People tell me I was brave getting into a plane by myself and heading far East, but I didn't feel brave. I felt free, if anything =P
I'd actually really love to do it again, teaching English for a year. In fact I'm thinking about going off again after I have my bachelor in my hands. I felt kind of relieved when even in the second year someone said they didn't know what exactly to do with the degree yet.
So I should stop panicking and remember to BREATHE.

I'm going to have the nice job centre lady look at my CV tomorrow and she'll tell me if it's OK or WTF WAS I THINKING WRITING MY HOBBIES ON THIS HALLOWED SHEET.
And I'll ask one of my lecturers how to write a check... I've never done it before and I still have to pay my tuition fees XD

한국에 돌아가고 싶은 콜레
(I used to be so fluent *sniff*)


This will be my first post back in England.

Uni hasn't started yet, so to be honest, I'm not doing much except being excited/nervous about the coming second year. I've already borrowed a book from the library which will hopefully give me some good ideas for a charity event.

I've been pondering all summer, yet I have the feeling all my ideas are not applicable to normal human beings to your usual little English town. This is not helped by the fact that I have discovered that the library has new books on Japanese folklore and I've already snagged one on Youkai Art.
Now I want a Youkai halloween party. But I know it will never happen.

So book of ideas~~ feed my brain!!

I have also discovered that tumblr is a great place to find ideas for food. Of course food is not allowed to look too strange, otherwise it won't be eaten, but I like the idea of a rainbow cake in an ice-cream waffle, covered in icing, so it looks like an ice-cream, but when you bite into it it has all seven colours of the rainbow glow back at you.
Mmm... I guess you'll have to bake the cake and then put it in the waffle, otherwise the waffle burn burn in the oven...

In the end, I'll be in a group, so we can bounce ideas off each other. Ideally. Reality is always different when it comes to groupwork.

Well, for now, I'm catching up on anime. Nurarihyon no Mago Season 2!
In fact, I've decided to make a tumblr dedicated to my anime exploits: http://colleyuriko.tumblr.com/

Next week I'll be helping out at a welcome event for new international students, until then...
*sips tea while gazing at Nurarihyon* Damn, this is one flashback I never want to see end!



Big Day Out 2011 in Anröchte

I was paranoid about not having anything to show for myself over the summer apart from sewing a Mephisto Pheles cosplay, so when my mother told me about a 1 week work experience at the Big Day Out music festival in a town not too far away from where I live, I applied immediately.

In my heart I knew it was the right thing to do. Sitting at home was not the answer, but something inside thought it would be OK if I didn't get picked, as it would mean goofing around more with freinds before I go back to England.
But it turns out I was chosen!!
They wanted the application to be creative and individual... All I did was write it by hand and scan it, with bunny doodles on the side and a picture of me wearing the Mephisto suit without the wig. I didn't think it was that special, but yay(??). Fortunately I was also chosen because I was already studying event management and would therefore benefit a lot from working on a two day music festival.
Why do I feel so awkward? People don't bite!!Collapse )
Let's see what the confirmation will say when I receive it. My name better be spelled correctly.


What a huge entry. I hope I got everything worth mentioning, though. ^^x*


...I do listen to their songs!

AMIRU 2011 in Dortmund.
This year a new anime convention was added to the growing list of conventions in NRW. I think Dortmund is the closest to me now. I went last Sunday, as I was listening to epic music on the Saturday before and obviously I went as Mephisto Pheles again.

Since the Dokomi I've made buckles for the boots, finished the shorts off with cuffs and put patches on my pink umbrella. I also tried to make the hat a bit more poofy, but if I wanted to do it like the majority of Mephisto cosplayers (two towels and twisting them around the hat), I'd have to do the colours from scratch again, so I'll leave it as it is this summer and just run around with a hat-minority-complex.

We had Schützenfest the day before, so there were plenty of hungover/still drunk people at the train station in those early hours of the day. I was so happy when yumichin and Usa arrived, because some of them were too close for comfort.
We got our make-up and, in my case, ears and beard on in the train and headed straight for the venue when we arrived in Dortmund.
AmiRu ReportCollapse )
Then it was finally time to eat and take pictures around the venue. I can't wait for Usa's to come online, her camera is amazing! That's why I'll wait with pictures for now.

I still can't find that WDR interview, maybe the world is better without it, but when I find it, I will post it here in the hopes I can defend myself from the stupid comments people get when they're on TV/radio, making the fanbase look like a bunch of losers. D=

Still: AniMagic at the end of the month!! 8D

Btw, we met a real Furry on the way back. As a bystander you know something is seriously weird in the world when a young man wearing a collar gets off the train and four people (one normal person, one dressed up in a clowns outfit, and two as Goths covered in blood) claim:
"Nice guy, but really creepy".
...their music is truly impressive!

On Saturday I went to see 'Symphonic Odysseys' in Cologne, where the WDR Orchestra performed several pieces by Nobuo Uematsu, who wrote the music for Final Fantasy and several other games I have never played.
Warum heissen die "WDR Rundfunk Orchester"? Steht das "R" in "WDR" nicht schon fuer "Rundfunk"? Wie das "N" in "PIN Nummer"? "M" in "WM Meisterschaft" (hab' ich schonmal gehoert)? Wirsch!!

I decided to go after an Animexx message announced that there were still tickets left for the afternoon performance. X Japan performed in Berlin last week and although I had contacts to acquire a ticket for them, I didn't want to go there by myself and the hospital wouldn't let me jump in for my aunt (also in the laundry department, it's a very~~~~ long and complicated story), so I didn't have the money I had hoped to have for the trip.
One of my friends likes game music, so I told her about it. It was so cheap for students and she said is was great the last time she went to a concert like this, so I bought myself a ticket and we went there together! Plus, I already had an account on the ticket website from a Miyavi concert long ago, so it was easy to order the tickets for the both of us and we would meet up with two other friends of hers.

We decided to wear something a little more sophisticated, since this was going to be an orchestra in a proper classical concert hall, but most people showed up in jeans and a witty gamer T-shirt. It was a little embarrassing for me, since I have never ever played Final Fantasy, King's Knight, Chrono Trigger, The Last Story or Blue Dragon...
The only games I know quite well are Pokemon and Devil May Cry, though I don't play the latter myself. I just sat back and watched Dante hacking away demons through someone else's hand. I just don't have the knack for video games, I can sit down and sew for ages, but I have to be in a certain state of mind to even dedicate time to watch a film. It's different in the cinema, I already made time to come a see a film (Harry Potter next Saturday!), but at home I sometimes get bored halfway through or I just let it run in the background while I'm sewing... even when I need subtitles! Sorry, Wallander~
I just couldn't finish Avatar (the one with the blue people). I'm sorry. I went online and watched Sayonare Zetsubou Sensei instead. And WTF Devil May Cry 5.

Us four were extremely lucky, Cologne's Philharmonic hall is very close to the train station, so we didn't have to walk far. It's also right next to the famous cathedral, so there were plenty of idiots around. Because we arrived two hours earlier for autographs, we were among the first to have our tickets signed by Nobuo Uematsu! I had my old friend Medama Oyaji with me, which he found quite amusing. Sadly, we never found out the name of his "bishie-assistant".
The other two had VIP tickets they had won, but they convinced us to join them in front after the break, because the seats next to them were all empty. Naughty, naughty~~ Although my conscience had clear objections, I tried to reason with myself that I had paid more than the others already, so...

It was fantastic. I don't think you need to play the games to appreciate great music like that, but I'm certain it helps to imagine things along to it if you're familiar with the scenes. When the clumsy MC asked all of of those who play FF to clap, I think I was one of the very, very few not to. Luckily, he asked the lady in front of me, who I assume was a mother accompanying her son, what she imagined to the music if she didn't know the game scenes and not me. I think "figure skating" would have been the least embarrassing thing for me to say.
It seems to be an insider joke never to play One Winged Angel, a piece even I am familiar with. SEPHIROTH!!EPICELEVENTY!!!!
Only the first few beats and then they switch to something else, which is why the drummer doesn't seem too popular with the fans, but he knows that and grinned when he started Chocobo's theme instead. (Something I only saw because I was in front!)

After the concert we tried to dodge the tourists and hid in Starbucks. Not having the choice of a Matcha Frappe *weep*, I picked something with lots of chocolate, but soy milk. I think I might start drinking more of the stuff, but I miss the "bean milk" I had in China. I call it "bean milk", because they don't only use soy beans to make it. There are after all tons of other beans out there.
We were so tired on our way back we almost fell asleep on the train. My friend got off in Essen, so I was by myself when I arrived in Hamm. But not for long:
I happen to meet two Hetalia cosplayers again, they probably now think I'm stalking them or something. They just came back from Dortmund, were the Amiru had taken place for the first time that weekend. They could reassure me that I'm not the only one who hasn't played Final Fantasy, but piecing together the little things we did know was fun.

I bet I'll have lots of people urging me to play Final Fantasy now, even if I have the time, it's just I like using my spare time for other things like making pointless music videos I am no longer allowed to upload onto Youtube. And I don't want to buy a PSP or another console, but I'll gladly come over to your house and watch you play anything!
... as long as I'm fed XD~
I am just not a gamer, sorry~ ^^x*

Medama Oyaji!Collapse )
파이날판타시를 잘 모르는 콜레

Puss in Boots: we're doing it wrong

yumichin popped by today XD~

My sister thinks it's weird that Cat #2, aka Lino, loves to fall asleep behind me on the bench.
a few pictures of Lino, the bottom dwellerCollapse )


Oh man, if I don't make a post now, I never will!
Yesterday was my first time at a real FIFA football game! 8D New Zealand vs. Japan I was there and it was so cool! If your flag wasn't broken by the end of the game, you weren't cheering hard enough!

Now, due to the lack of posts during the past few weeks, you probably wouldn't know that in search of something to do over the summer, I remembered Shimba-sensei from my old uni in Bochum mentioning last year (!) she was going to help the Japanese community during the FIFA Women's World Cup. So I asked a good friend of mine who is still at the uni if it was actually happening.

So I ended up becoming "文化長" in charge of the cultural programm for kids on the day of the Japan vs Newzealand game. When I say in charge it meant telling the city of Bochum what we had in mind, what we would need to procure for the activities... so in a way I think it did have something to do with my event management course.
27.06.11 FuJuTa + Japan vs New Zealand DayCollapse )
(Un)fortunately, there was no disco and we were free to go at seven o'clock in the evening. OK, I did have a Nico Nico CD on in the car which I had burned a few days earlier, with plenty of Yoppei, just to make my music even more unbearable to others, but the car is my realm when I'm driving. My mother, incidently, helped out on the day, too and we rewarded ourselves with a large ice cream in our home town when we got there.
As if for our entertainment, a truck chipped off a corner of a house while we were eating our ice cream and we watched more and more people get involved in phoning the police etc... Wow. We were really tired ^^x*

Ha, I neglect my LJ and then bombard it with a novel. Now... I can write my own recommendation again?! I asked the city of Bochum if they could send me something I can show Huddersfield uni and put in my CV and they ask me to write it myself and then they'll put a stamp on it.
...and then I kicked the ball in myself with a Fire Tornad...-*is hit in face with a football*


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A Subway to Sally Parody

The cat fell asleep pn my lap and I couldn't get up, so I got "creative". Usa said I should get round to doing this. Mind you, I have plenty of other things I should be doing, but....

This song is in German and only makes sense if you know who that guy is *points to icon*. Sorry ^^x*

Mephisto (...were you expecting anything else?!)Collapse )
*dodges rotten EHEC vegetables*

I'm thinking of making a cosplay musicvideo to this. Youtube, unsurprisingly, doesn't like my AMV HELL parodies, so maybe this would be original enough for them.
Feedback? Hate? Love? Back-up dancers? a Microphone lender?


Oh~ Rusty Rail!!

Yay, tomorrow I'm back to work~ I asked my neighbour if I could help him out. He's a painter, as in walls and house decorating. And it's no picnic.
On Monday I had to pick off all the rust off the banister and I later looked like I'd been down in a mine. But tomorrow I get to paint it!
It's like sewing. Anyone can get out a sewing machine and run cloth through it, but it's the preparation before that that's the real work. @_@x

I'm a bit peeved though, because I took the day off today to go to Bochum and meet up with the Otasuke-tai, the volunteers who'll help out the Japanese visitors to the Women's FIFA World Cup, but yesterday I got an e-mail (And I read it late) that it was moved to tomorrow. I can't ask for another day off so soon, so I guess I can't go this time...

I have Mephisto Con-ready and he'll be out this Saturday at the Dokomi in Duesseldorf =3 My last trip to Duesseldorf got me Thermae Romae II & III, I'm so happy. I seem to be the only person on the internet that's so excited by it. I wish I were good enough to scanlate it, but to be honest half of the time I'm guessing what the Kanji mean and they don't even have Furigana. It was a pleasant change when I peeked into my Japanese Ao no Exorcist #1 and I could at least read everything.
It's a shame they don't sell those DS cards you can put games on anymore, a friend of mine has a neat denshi jisho programme, but then again sharing programmes is probably the reason why they were banned in the first place. ^^x* I'll have to keep my eye out on the next flea market.

Speaking of banning, at this rate, Germany will suffer an epidemic of constipation because nobody is eating vegetables. I can't imagine my life without tomatoes and we've always have a cucumber in the fridge, so this is really weird. I wash them more thoroughly now and I've resorted to cooking my tomatoes first (they taste great with spread cheese), but how do I survive with out healthy food??? So far nothing has happened in any of my familiar circles, let's hope it stays that way.

Take care!

This Song, for some reason I find it mezmorizing O_Ox

My Bunnies! 8D

Germany! The country with logical traffic lights and 2 hour tickets, because you know the train is going to make it 6 minutes before it runs out.
It was a close one, though. I wanted to buy a ticket for the whole month, but I couldn't find it on the automatic ticket machine, so in the last minute I found the 2-hour one, rushed to the platform with my luggage and inevitably slipped. Ow~ But I made the train!! 8D

So far, I haven't done much. My sister has taken good care of the House, redecorated a bit, but there are many things to be done before my mother comes back in July. ~@_@x~ So: BUNNIES!!! (And other animals)Collapse )
hope you enjoyed,

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