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Desty Nova's Pudding

Where are the SPARKLES?!

More active on Tumblr now. Sorry, LJ...

Other sites I float over to:
For my lyric-needs: CIX lyrics (Korean)
Work experience in Japan? Asahi Nihongo HP (Fukuoka)
Liuzhou? Liuzhou Overseas
Want to learn a bit of Chinese? Chinese Pod
I didn't know the BBC did documentaries on China! China Stories (I'm afraid the videos don't work everywhere, though. Argh.)

FreeRice.com Guess synonyms for a good cause
Wordsmith Mess around with anagrams!
BigHugeLab Make a motivator to keep you going
yugiohcardmaker.net Yup, make your own Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards XD
LibriVox You can download tons of audiobooks here
The Straight Dope Answers to your questions
ChinaSmack Weird, funny, disturbing things going on in China (Yeah, this site gets blocked occasionally)
Asian Rice Watch Asian shows and films online

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